Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Issues New Quarantine Order for CWD-Susceptible Cervids

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (“PDA”) issued a General Quarantine Order (“Order”) to address the threat of Chronic Wasting Disease (“CWD”).  CWD is an infectious and fatal disease that harms species of the genera Cervus, Odocoileus and Alces, which include elk, white-tailed deer, moose, mule, black-tailed deer, sika deer, red deer and hybrids thereof (“CWD-susceptible cervids”).   The Order rescinds the previous quarantine and people and businesses that own or maintain any of the CWD-susceptible cervids in captivity must now meet the new Order’s requirements.  Pennsylvania owners of CWD-susceptible cervids must enroll the cervids in either the CWD Herd Certification Program or the CWD Herd Monitored Program.  To enroll in either program, owners must complete and meet the requirements in the Program Enrollment Form.  For more on the Order and its requirements please visit The Pennsylvania Bulletin.

Written by Jay Angle, Research Assistant

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