Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pennsylvania General Assembly Expands PennVEST Funding Eligibility

On June 11, 2013, the Pennsylvania General Assembly presented Senate Bill 196 to the Governor.  This bill amends the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority Act, allowing the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PennVEST) to utilize federal funding, provided by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund, more effectively.  The amendments laid out in the bill cover storm water runoff management and nonpoint source pollution projects and provide for additional definitions, expanded funding and for an annual report. 

One major shift is that the bill now allows PennVEST to accept funding applications from nongovernmental entities, such as non-profit and watershed organizations, for storm water and nonpoint source pollution management projects.   Projects proposed by entities other than municipalities must be in compliance with all ordinances, regulations and plans adopted by the municipality in which the project is located and the project must also be approved by all other impacted municipalities.  The bill also changes best management practices to include those under the Clean Streams Law or Pennsylvania’s Nonpoint Source Management Program Update.  A project which follows Pennsylvania’s Nonpoint Source Management Program Update, and which has a potential water quality benefit (determined by the Department of Environmental Protection), as required by the federal Water Pollution Control Act, would be eligible for funding. 

This law also requires the PennVEST Board to provide an annual report, detailing the projects which received funding.  The annual reports will be published and maintained on the PennVEST website.

For more information, please visit the PennVEST website.

Written By Gaby Gilbeau – Research Assistant

The Agricultural Law Resource and Reference Center
June 12, 2013

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