Thursday, September 22, 2016

Crop Insurance Update: Coverage for Pennsylvania Pears

Written by M. Sean High—Staff Attorney

On September 14, 2016, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Raleigh Regional Office—Raleigh, NC issued a Risk Management Agency Fact Sheet regarding crop insurance for pears grown in Pennsylvania. 

According to USDA, crop insurance is available for all pears in a Pennsylvania county where: (1) a premium rate is provided by the actuarial documents; (2) the pears are of a variety that is adapted to the area; and (3) the pears are grown on trees that have produced at least 3 tons of pears per acre in at least 1 of the previous 4 years.

USDA states that all pears in Adams County are eligible for crop insurance, and that “pears may [also] be insurable in other [Pennsylvania] counties by written agreement if specific criteria are met.”

According to USDA, crop insurance provides pear producers protection against the following: (1) adverse weather conditions, including hail, frost, freeze, wind, drought, and excess precipitation; (2) failure of irrigation water supply, if caused by an insured peril during the insurance period; (3) fire caused by an insured peril during the insurance period; (4) insect damage and plant disease, except for insufficient or improper application of control measures; or (5) wildlife.

The sales closing date for Pennsylvania pear crop insurance coverage is November 20, 2016 with the insurance coverage period beginning of November 21, 2016 and lasting until the earliest occurrence of one of the following events: (1) total destruction of the crop; (2) harvest of the crop; (3) final adjustment of a claim; (4) abandonment of the crop; (5) September 15 for all types of summer and fall pears; or (6) October 15 for all types of winter pears.

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